Let us help you make more money of your marketing campaign.

First, Create Campaigns That Will Save You Money.

Instead of bidding using broad match type, single keywords and/or one ad group for your entire campaign, we can help you create an optimized campaign.


Using the tool, create a few ad groups and than start combining them together, creating more specific ad groups with long tail keywords and relevant ads.

Second, Set Your Targets & Automate Tasks.

The tool is only a machine, you need to know what are your targets and choose the automation rules that will help you get there.


If you have historical data the tool will help you set the monthly goals. Using these goals it will optimize your account using a strategy you need to set up.

It's not magic, there are no buzzwords in here. But it's working.

Last, Always Test New Things.

The tool allows you to test new ads & audiences. You will have a platform for comparing objectively if you are moving in the right direction.


Genchi Tools encourage you to create test groups, and after you created them it will monitor the results and will help you decide if what you are testing is working.

Since it's kind of complex, you should keep it as simple as possible.

And we think we can help you with it.

Beta Pricing

$ 19 per Month. 14 Days Free Trial.

No credit card needed.